Ian Gibbons Tribute by Mark Haley

It came as a huge shock (for everybody I would imagine) to receive the news of Ian’s passing last Friday.

I’d been following the Kast Off’s increasingly successful exploits for a few years and saw they’d done a gig only a couple of weeks ago! I had no idea Ian was even ill…

Things must’ve progressed rapidly.

I feel deeply for all involved, particularly Nadia who has done so much for the Kast Off’s and, even worse, lost her husband.

I first met Ian at my debut gig with the Kinks. I recall he was in the bar with John Dalton. From there it was 30 years of occasionally crossing paths in likely and unlikely places. Always good to see him, always good humour, and usually memorable.

My absolute favourite will, of course, be at one of your Boston Arms gigs when Ian and I shared the keyboard for a couple of songs. (Photo above). There we are, giggling away, Ian’s fingers flying around in a blur while I do my best to keep up.

The last time I spoke with Ian he had accidentally called me on the mobile (I guess I’m next to Henrit in his phone book). That quickly developed into a lengthy conversation full of laughs and anecdotes.
That’s how I’ll remember Ian Gibbons, great humour, even greater talent.

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