Ian Gibbons Tribute by Mark Haley

It came as a huge shock (for everybody I would imagine) to receive the news of Ian’s passing last Friday.

I’d been following the Kast Off’s increasingly successful exploits for a few years and saw they’d done a gig only a couple of weeks ago! I had no idea Ian was even ill…

Things must’ve progressed rapidly.

I feel deeply for all involved, particularly Nadia who has done so much for the Kast Off’s and, even worse, lost her husband.

I first met Ian at my debut gig with the Kinks. I recall he was in the bar with John Dalton. From there it was 30 years of occasionally crossing paths in likely and unlikely places. Always good to see him, always good humour, and usually memorable.

My absolute favourite will, of course, be at one of your Boston Arms gigs when Ian and I shared the keyboard for a couple of songs. (Photo above). There we are, giggling away, Ian’s fingers flying around in a blur while I do my best to keep up.

The last time I spoke with Ian he had accidentally called me on the mobile (I guess I’m next to Henrit in his phone book). That quickly developed into a lengthy conversation full of laughs and anecdotes.
That’s how I’ll remember Ian Gibbons, great humour, even greater talent.

Ian Gibbons

Ian Gibbons sadly passed away on Thursday, 1st August 2019. Ian was due to have treatment for bladder cancer but contracted a virus and was unable to undergo surgery. Our thoughts are with Ian’s wife Nadia and all of his family and friends.

Ian joined The Kinks in July 1979 and immediately started the USA touring for the Low Budget album, which became the highest-charting (USA) and first Gold album with all new material. Ian left the band in 1989 rejoining in 1993 for the final “To The Bone” tour period.

Ian also worked with Roger Chapman, and Ian Hunter, before rejoining Ray Davies, touring and contributing to the successful, Kinks Choral project (including main stage at Glastonbury) and tracks for Ray’s Americana album, which Ian told me was the best time he had spent with Ray in the studio, as Ray had everything worked out and knew exactly what he wanted!

Ian was an integral part of Kast Off Kinks, and will be greatly missed by all.

Fan Club Meeting 2019 – SOLD OUT



Upstairs in THE DOME at the Boston Arms London.


KAST OFF KINKS (plus former band members as available)


Doors 1.00pm till 6.00pm


Due to the sad loss of Ian Gibbons, it will not be the usual full performance by Kast off Kinks, Pete Watkins had already been asked to be involved performing tracks from “Arthur”, and other members of the band will be looking at how they can put something together for the Fan Club, we will update you as and when we have further details

We are not intending to cancel the show.

Fan Club Meeting, 25 November 2018




Upstairs in THE DOME at the Boston Arms London.


 KAST OFF KINKS (plus former band members as available)

Doors 1.00pm till 6.00pm

New Exhibition in collaboration with The Kinks

‘The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society’ celebrates the 50th anniversary multi-format release of The Kinks sixth studio album, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society. On display is a selection of rare collector’s items including specially commissioned artworks by members of the band and vintage memorabilia, together with a collection of photographs documenting this remarkable period in the band’s history. Each work is hand-signed by surviving band members Ray Davies, Dave Davies and Mick Avory. The exhibition is open to the public from the 4th October – 18th November 2018 at Proud Central.

Time Song

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
50th Anniversary Edition – Released 26th Oct
(Includes Previously Unreleased Track ‘Time Song’)


The Kinks will release a 50th Anniversary Edition of one of the greatest British rock albums of all time, ‘The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society’, on BMG October 26th. The first 1000 orders of the deluxe box set from The Kinks’ store come with exclusive 7” of ‘Time Song (2018 Single Mix)’ / ‘Village Green (Alternative Mix).

All UK purchasers of the box set from The Kinks’ store will be contacted on the 24th September with an opportunity to enter a ballot to win an exclusive pair of tickets to attend the official launch event of the exhibition, at Proud Galleries (Central), London on the evening of October 3rd.


Jim Rodford

We are all shocked and sad at the news that Jim sadly passed away on Saturday morning 20th January following a fall at home,

Jim was well liked by all fans who came into contact with him and was one of the rare breed of elder statesmen musicians who retained respect from all who were lucky enough to have worked with him. Jim had a long and distinguished career in the music business, through The Mike Cotton Sound in the early sixties, Argent in the 70’s and The Kinks from 1978 to 1996.

As well as being a regular on the local St Albans scene. Jim was an integral part of the re-formed Zombies for the last eighteen years, but still found time to play and visit the Kinks Fan Club meetings when possible, in fact Jim along with Ian Gibbons rescued us back in 2008 when for a time it looked as if Kast Off Kinks would have to stop playing as John Dalton had some health issues and John/Baptist both decided to stop playing

Jim was with us in November 2017 and talked enthusiastically about his current projects which included a book and a USA tour for Feb/March 2018 including a guest spot at Carnegie Hall as part of a Charity Led Zep tribute show.

Jim spent some time with Ray Davies and Bob Henrit backstage at the Fan Club gig sharing stories about their times together and catching up with current activities.

R.I.P. Jim we will all miss you.

Fan Club Meeting 2017

We are pleased to announce the 2017 fan club meeting at the Boston Arms Dome for 26th November 2017.

Kast off Kinks will play three live sets and will include the expanded line up with past members, who will not perform with the band at any other show this year.

Ray Davies will be promoting his new Americana album during the year, so please note we do NOT guarantee that Ray will be around to take part in the fan club show, if he is, great, its an added bonus.


Return To Waterloo – Quiz Prize

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Return To Waterloo

Ray Davies of the Kinks, well-respected as one of rock’s best storytellers, makes his filmmaking debut as director, writer and composer of RETURN TO WATERLOO.

This hour long feature is a unique approach to the synthesis of music, video and cinema. Instead of dialogue, the story is told through music and lyrics. The haunting songs, unavailable on any Kinks album, take renowned actor Ken Colley on a suspenseful journey through his imagination, as he confronts reality and fantasy, love and violence.

Also starring Valerie Holliman, Dominique Barnes, Tim Roth and (briefly) Ray Davies himself. This film, a cult classic, is a watershed event in the development of the music video art form, as it was created for itself rather than to promote a record; not a concert, not a grouping of promo videos, this is a real movie, and an impressive directorial debut.

RETURN TO WATERLOO embraces Ray Davies’ satirical (and occasionally comical) view of modern society, as reflected in over thirty albums over a remarkable twenty-five years with The Kinks.