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Mick Avory at 60

Upgraded newsletter

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The Kinks On Tour ‘Down Under’

This 'special' concentrates on The Kinks' tours of Australia and was written by Doug Hinman and edited by Bill Orton.

As you would expect from Doug, it is well researched and illustrated.

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Dave Davies – Further Tales of Unfinished Business

A new colour magazine featuring a recent Dave interview with Bill Orton, including new and archive photos with press cuttings.

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Dave Davies – Unfinished Business – The Magazine

Bill and Russell interviewed DD in Sept. '98 at London.

This superb 28 page mag shows DD in an open, affable mood, whilst again being layered with photos and articles (colour and b/w).

Since its release, the mag and photos have been used as promo material for DD's Unfinished Business CD.

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Pete Quaife

A 36 page article of the band's live performances, interspersed with Bill Orton's recollections of his own concert goings. Well sprinkled with complementary articles reviews and photos.

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The Songs I Sang For Auntie

Russell Smith put together an illuminating 16 page article on the band's "involvement in the Visual Arts". He details the early TV appearances and film soundtracks. 'Till Death Us Do Part', 'Percy' And 'The Virgin Soldiers' are covered. Other projects included are the ill-fated 'Arthur' project and 'The Long Distance Piano Player'. The review winds up with Dave Davies's excursion into film soundtracks.

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John Dalton: Bass Lines

The Fan Club's Bill Orton and Russell Smith interviewed former Kinks bassist JD.

The glossy black and white mag contains a very detailed and readable interview.

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